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​Signco America provides turnkey services for all of our custom designed and manufactured signage and metalwork. This includes the design, engineering, sign maintenance & service, and project management. Your projects are fabricated by the best in-house craftsmen. Every member of our manufacturing team takes pride in their work as a full-time employee, not a sub-contractor, which for you means consistent quality in your overall project. In the hands of our skilled craftsmen, your brand is transformed into a truly exceptional work of art.

Signco America takes full responsibility for design and production drawings, submittals, engineering, permitting, manufacturing and installation of your project. We have an industry leading, quality assurance program to ensure that your signage looks and functions as good years from now as it does the day it is installed. This commitment to quality is part of every phase of our process. We also pack this commitment with our comprehensive 5-year parts and labor warranty on the manufactured projects we produce.



01_Client Approval of Drawing

Our highly qualified team of designers sit down and overview to approve the final product with the client. If any further details regarding the final product are addressed, we go over them in detail in this meeting. We do this to ensure that everyone is on the same page and the client is happy with our final draft.



Once the final design is approved, we make sure to go through the landlord, homeowners association or architectural review committee to ensure that there are no problems when installing the final product.


03_Approval From The City

After we get the green light from the landlord, HOA, and ARC, we need the final okay from the Houston permits department so we can begin machining and fabricating your vision into a reality.



Finally, we release the final project into production. Our project manager then makes sure everything runs smoothly through the next steps, and updates the client with photos to show the stages of fabrication for a seamless process.



Depending on your fabrication product, we use a number of different machines to custom fabricate to your specifications.


01_Review Client Provided Drawings

The first step our fabricators make sure to understand, is gaining a clear and precise vision of the final product by going through the design and draft process. By reviewing this, the fabricator is able to invisionize everything that is to take place during the making of your project.

02_Engineer Design

Once our fabricator has gained a clear understanding on the final product, our team begins engineering the design to explore any possibilities regarding the engineering process.

03_Create and Provide Sample Boards

By creating and showcasing sample boards to our clients, we are able to visually represent the design before we fabricate it. This allows for clear communication and a precise image and visual representation of the final product.


Build and assemble pieces off sight.


01_Clean and Prep Surfaces

Before we prime anything, we make sure to thoroughly clean and prep all surfaces that are going to go through our paint booths.

02_Acid Etching

Acid etching involves allowing the reaction of a dilute hydrochloric acid solution with the surface, then rinsing off with water. By doing this, we are able to completely clean the aluminum so it is able to stick properly.

03_Priming and Sanding

Priming and sanding is required after prepping to ensure that we have achieved optimal corrosion resistance, and so the final product is able to meet the final aesthetic requirements.

04_Final Custom Top Coat

Once all of the previous steps are completed, we go in for the final custom top coat approved by the client.


01_Engineering (Formatting, Cut)

In process inspections are made to ensure that quality and production of the final product are in compliance with.

02_Permitting, Manufacturing

Successful permitting requires careful planning, prudent site selection and effective use of our trained professionals.


Once final approval is made, we know that it has passed all inspections. The purpose of this is to ensure that the product is working properly and is up to our strict standards.


Finally, the client is given a warranty of the manufactured parts & labor based on the final project fabricated. Our warranty is for 5 years, parts and labor included.


01_Load the Final Onto the Vehicle

Depending on the size of the final product, we have crane trucks and loading trucks to successfully deliver it on sight.


Once we deliver the product, we begin installing it on sight. This is optimal, since we have everything ready for installation, and we’re not building on sight.

03_Final Inspection

The purpose of the final inspection is to make sure that the client is satisfied with the final fabrication product.

04_Uncompromising Standard of Quality

Once we have exceeded the clients expectations through our uncompromising standard of quality and process, we have successfully finished the product.

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